Carved Watermelon – Skull and Brain

Happy Halloween everyone!

This is my Jack o’ Lantern for the year, my usual carved watermelon.  For anyone who isn’t tied down by tradition, I highly recommend them over pumpkins, it went really smooth and only took about twenty minutes using a birds-beak style paring knife.

This is the first time I’ve tried removing the skin and going for dimension. The skull is all one piece except for a few teeth in the back of the mouth, and the brain is still attached. I’ve hidden an ultrasonic mist maker and LED in the brain cavity so illuminated fog spills out over the brains.

Update, Chicken Zombies in search of brains:

Chicken Zombies

Just when you thought Halloween was safely over, the zombie chickens show up to eat any melon brains that may have been left laying around.

A couple of my past watermelon carvings here.



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